Chapter 4

{Note: Outline of this chapter: three basic concepts.
  1. The royal family on the road to SuperGrace: verses 1-16.
  2. The royal family on the road to reversionism: verses 17-19.
  3. The royal family in reversion recovery: verses 20-32.}

1~~I {Paul}, therefore,
the prisoner in the Lord
continue to encourage/exhort you
to walk in a manner worthy
of your station in life
  {Royal Priesthood/SuperGrace}
into which you have been called/elected . . .

{Amplification of 'Walk in a manner worthy of your station in life'}
2~~ . . . associated/accompanied
with 'objective grace thinking' {humility}
and 'courteous considerateness'/'considerate sensitivity'
  {gentleness/kindness/friendliness/'thoughtfulness of others'};
associated with 'patience
toward the hostile/'tolerance of others'/perseverance
when 'putting up with'/enduring/ tolerating
another one of the same kind
  {also believers but those that bug/malign you}
'in the sphere of'/'by means of'
virtue agape/love
  {with a relaxed mental attitude}.

{Command To GAP It Daily}
3~~Be diligent
  {command to stay with doctrine consistently no matter what}
to guard/preserve the unity/'coat of arms'
  {oneness - essence of Royal Family}
from the Spirit {God the Holy Spirit}
'by means of'/in
the bond/unite-er
of security/peace/tranquility/reconciliation.

{Verses 4-6: The Seven {7} Characteristics of the Royal Family}
{The Royal Family Escutcheon/'Coat of Arms' - 7 items}
4~~{1} One body
  {Body of Christ - Royal Family in Time},
and {2} one spirit . . .
just as you have been elected
into {3} one 'absolute confidence'/prospect
of your 'station in life'/calling {Royal Family} . . .5~~
{4} One Lord {Jesus Christ},
{5} one faith
  {one method of salvation - Faith in Jesus Christ},
{6}one baptism
  {'dry' baptism - Baptism of God the Holy Spirit
  received at salvation}; 6~~
{7} One God {God the Father} . . .
even Father of all . . .
the One over all {Sovereignty} . . .
and through all {Omnipresence} . . .
and in all {indwelling all believers}.

{Provision of SuperGrace for the Royal Family}
7~~But to each one of us
the grace {SuperGrace package}
has been given
according to the standard/measure
of the gift {without strings}
of the Christ
  {sacrificed on the cross}.

{Note: God the Father gave us the ultimate gift - His Son to die on the cross and He did this without strings (grace). Christ died for ALL sins - believers and unbelievers alike. Our goal as a SuperGrace believer is to live up to that standard of grace.}

{Verses 8-10: Strategic Victory of the Cross in the Angelic Conflict}
8~~For this reason
  {the scripture documentation} says {Psalm 68:18},
"When He had ascended up on high {3rd heaven},
He led 'captives'
  {Old Testament believers without resurrection bodies then -
  prisioners in the slave market of sin until the work on the
  cross of Jesus Christ}
in a triumphal procession
  {they followed the Resurrected Christ to 3rd heaven}
from a 'state of captivity'
  {from paradise/"Abraham's bosom"}
and has distributed {spiritual} gifts
to men {Royal Family of God in view}."

{Note: The first part of the sentence is where the Old Testament believers share in the Victory of the cross. They go from their holding place in the center of the earth to the 3rd heaven. The second part is the sharing in the victory for the Royal Family of God.

We are given spiritual gifts 1) as recognition of Christ's victory, and 2) as a sharing of the spoils of the victory to the Royal Family.}

{Verses 9-10: Parentheses for Amplification}
9-10~~(Now this {doctrine} . . .
that He {Jesus} ascended . . .
what does it imply? . . .
except that He also descended
into the inner-lower parts {inside}
of the earth? 10~~

The One having descended . . .
is the same Person also
as the One having ascended
far above all the heavens,
'for the purpose'/'in order' that
He might fill up the deficiency
with a certain quality
of 'the all things'
  {blessings of SuperGrace}.)

{Note: For more on Jesus' descent into the heart of the earth, see also 1 Peter 3:18-22; Luke 16:10-31; 23:39-45.}

{Communicative Types of Spiritual Gifts Initially Given by Jesus}
11~~And He gave some . . . apostles
  {temporary gift - highest authority} . . .
and some/others . . . prophets
  {temporary communication gift},
and some/others . . . evangelists
  {permanent communication gift},
and some/others . . . 'pastors and teachers'
  {ONE permanent communication gift}.

{Note: See also Acts 19:11; 2 Timothy 4:20. Temporary gifts ended by 96 AD. After initial appointments by Jesus Christ, the selection of other spiritual gifts came from the sovereign ministry of the Holy Spirit per I Corinthians 12:11. }

{Note: 'Poimen' -is the word correctly translated pastor. It also means shepherd. A pastor is the shepherd of his flock/congregation. 'Didaskalos' is the word for teacher, but it means to teach one to MANY and in a monologue fashion - not dialog.}

{Verse 12: Purpose and Categorical Development of the Gift of Pastor-Teacher}
12~~For {pros}
the general purpose of
'training and equipping'/perfecting
the saints {Royal Family} {for combat} . . .
for {eis} the categorical purpose of
the occupation/vocation of the ministry
  {future pastor-teachers are to learn under another
  mature pastor-teacher}
{and} for {eis} the categorical purpose
of construction/edification
  {purpose of building an 'edification complex of the soul'}
of the 'body of Christ' {Royal Family}.

{Note: The switch of prepositions from 'pros' to 'eis' - both prepositions meaning 'for' - but it demands that you recognize a switch to a portion of the congregation, not all the congregation. Only some will have the occupation or vocation of the ministry. The 'pros' indicates the general statement. The 'eis' breaks that phrase into categories.}

13~~Until we all {Royal Family}
have attained the goal of SuperGrace,
because of the consistency/oneness/unity
of the doctrine {being taught}
and the epignosis knowledge
of the Son of God,
with reference to
the mature/noble man
  {the believer is now occupied with Christ},
to the standard
of the maturity/'full age' {SuperGrace status}
which belongs to the fullness {SuperGrace}
of the Christ

{Three Illustrations of Activities of Ones NOT in SuperGrace}
14~~In order that
we no longer be immature ones
  {childish reversionists},
{1} being tossed here and there by waves,
and {2} being carried here and there
by every wind of the {false} doctrine,
{3} by the dice-playing of men in cheating . . .
face to face with the cunning method of the deception
  {literally means to be a sucker who continues to stay
  in a fixed game of chance}.

15~~But by teaching doctrine
  {Pastor-teacher speaking the Truth}
in the sphere of agape {virtue} love
  {with a relaxed mental attitude},
may cause {you} to grow up
by the all things of doctrine,
with reference to Him {Christ} . . .
Who keeps on being
  {is, was and always will be}
the Head/'Supreme Chief' . . .

16~~From the source of Whom {Christ}
all the body . . .
being joined together
  {in union with Christ} . . .
being taught categorically
through every 'joint of supply'
  {reference to the pastor-teacher},
according to the operational power
in measure {one pastor-teacher}
for each part . . .
causes growth of the body
resulting in an edification {complex}
  {ECS - the Edification Complex of the Soul}
belonging to Himself
in agape {virtue} love.



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