II Corinthians

Chapter 6
1~~And working together with Him
  {joint producers with Christ},
we also urge you
not to receive the grace of God in vain.
  {empty . . . without content}

2~~For he said {Isaiah 49:8},
"I have heard you with favor in a time accepted
  {positive at God consciousness},
and in the day of salvation
  {positive at the point of Gospel hearing}
have I heard your cry and run to your aid."

Behold . . . now is the accepted time.

Behold . . . now is the day of salvation.

{Note: Paul is telling the Corinthians that they have a great opportunity to evangelize right there in Corinth. The time is right for them and the positive volition is there in heavy concentration.}

3~~Giving no offence in any thing,
that the ministry
  {universal ministry of the believer}
be not blamed.

{Note: The believers in Corinth are very legalist and have great mental attitude sins - the Holier-then-thou crowd. Paul is telling them that their judging and maligning is being offensive to the unbelievers and are actually turning off the unbelievers . . . who are actually positive at the point of God consciousness . . . but are turned off on Christianity by seeing the self-righteousness of the legalists . . . the religiosity and pseudo-spirituality, etc. of the believers.}

{HUGE STATEMENT HERE - Building the Edification Complex of the Soul - Reflecting God's Glory through 9 areas of suffering for blessings}
4-10~~ But in all things
constantly demonstrate ourselves
as the ministers belonging to God
in the sphere of abiding under pressure
  {reflecting the glory of God - using faith rest under pressures:}
in the sphere of mental pressures
from distressing circumstances {1 of 9} . . .
in the sphere of compulsions
  {bullying you, etc} {2 of 9} . . .
in the sphere of excruciating pains in soul or spirit
  {general troubles in life} {3 of 9} . . . 5~~
in the sphere of physical violence {4 of 9} . . .
in the sphere of unjustly imprisonments {5 of 9} . . .
in the sphere of civil unrest/riots/mobs {6 of 9} . . .
in the sphere of pesterings
  {a mother at the end of the summer vacation} {7 of 9} . . .
in the sphere of suffering for lack of sleep {8 of 9} . . .
in the sphere of being deprived of food {9 of 9} . . . 6~~
by means of pureness of life
  {pure thought pattern - using rebound} . . .
by means of technical knowledge
  {gnosis - categorical doctrines the building blocks of epignosis and
  building an edification complex of the soul} . . .
by means of longsuffering
  {suffering hits God's grace and you handle it - faith rest - grace
  orientation - treat people based on who and what you are - 1st
  floor of the complex} . . .
by means of kindness
  {the output is gracious operations - reflecting
  the Glory of God from the 1st floor of the structure - what people
  start to see - the reflected Glory of God},
by means of the Holy Spirit
  {filling of the Holy Spirit} . . .
by means of love without mental hypocrisy
  {Relaxed Mental Attitude} . . . 7~~
by means of the Word of Truth
  {right pastor teacher - study and teach study and teach - you
  concentrate} . . .
by means of the inherent power of God
  {safeguard reminder- you don't earn this - God did this for YOU -
  to reflect HIS Glory!} . . .
by means of the armor of righteousness
on the right hand and on the left
  {protection of our soul from Satan and the Angelic Conflict
  - God protects us - in the Roman Army, the right hand held the
  sword and the left held the shield} . . . 8~~
through Glory and dishonor
  {antithetical circumstances -your Edification complex protects you
  through rapid changes in circumstances} . . .
through condemnation {slander}
and commendation {good report}
 {Edification structure gives you the ability to adapt to changing
  circumstances} . . .
as being misunderstood,
and yet true/'not out of line'
  {people will misunderstand you when you are a Grace believer -
  this is part of Satan's plan - and you will face suffering even
  when you are correct} . . . 9~~
as being unknown,
and yet very well known
  {famous - epiginosko} . . .
as being in the process of dying,
and . . . behold . . . we live . . .
  {yet don't know if you will live - suffering in danger - you know
  you may die like in a battle - yet you have an RMA - no regrets}
as being trained under discipline
  {'paideuo' - to train a child under discipline - suffering from the
  discipline of God - rebound and cursing is turned to blessing},
but delivered from death
 {adaptability under discipline - you are alive! Forget it!
  Move on!} . . . 10~~
constantly feeling pain
yet always rejoicing
  {being in grief and not succumbing to it} . . .
as suddenly in abject poverty,
yet making many rich
  {sudden catastrophe leaves believer impoverished but still able to
  enrich others with your bible doctrine} . . .
as having nothing
  {loss of details of life, but not loss of the necessities of life (that
  was earlier) - money, success, social status, children, family life
and yet in full possession of all things.
  {still have the Edification Complex in your soul}

{Note: Edification Complex in the Soul -Clothes of the Soul - Basis for Reflected Glory of God

  First Floor - Grace Orientation

  Second Floor - Inner Happiness

  Third Floor - Relaxed Mental Attitude

  Fourth Floor - Capacity to love - categories, 1,2, and 3

  Fifth Floor - Mastery of the details of life}

{Emotionalism out of place is threat to the Edification Complex in the Soul - verses 11-12}
11~~Oh you Corinthians!

Our mouth has been open in the past
with the result that it is still open
face to face with you
  {referring to bible teaching}.

Our 'right lobe of the soul'/heart {cardia}
was enlarged in the past
with the result that it keeps on receiving enlargement
  {maximum knowledge of bible doctrine resident in Paul and the
  others' souls}.

{Note: 'Cardia' literally means the heart. Here it is used as an idiom. It is an analogy for 'the right lobe of the soul' where doctrine circulates in the mentality of the soul . . . similar to blood circulating by the heart.}

12~~You have not received hindrance by us
  {Paul and his team taught them true doctrine},
but you have received hindrance
by your emotions.

{Note: 'Splagchnon' is the Greek word for the intestines or bowels. It was used as an idiom for the emotions . . . similar to our use of 'Butterflies in the Stomach' when we are nervous and emotional.}

13~~Now for the wages of grace
  {a reward not based on merit} . . .
in the like kind
  {same as you gave yourself over to emotions give your self to
  daily intake of doctrine} . . .
I speak as unto adult children
  {grown up in years, but not spiritually mature} . . .
be you also enlarged!
  {have maximum bible doctrine in their souls}

14~~Stop becoming
unequally yoked together with unbelievers
- to your disadvantage.

For what communion
  {basis for sharing}
has grace orientation with lawlessness?

And, what partnership has light
  {reflected light from the Edification complex of the soul}
face to face with darkness?

{Note: In this agricultural society, they knew better than to yoke an ox with an ass and try to plow. The animals have different 'gates'. Be whichever you wish to be in the analogy! Doesn't exclude contact here . . . we need to witness to unbelievers . . . but unbelievers can attack the Edification Complex in your soul so must be careful in certain areas. There are 5 specific areas where believers should avoid being 'yoked together' with unbelievers: 1. Don't marry an unbeliever. 2. Stay out of religious organizations. 3. Social life - different mental attitude from their norms and standards. 4. Business partners (not meaning corporations). 5. Fraternities.}

15~~ And what harmony
has Christ with Belial?
  {Hebrew word for 'worthlessness' - Satan's doctrines
  and concept - anything anti-grace}

Or, what portion has he that believes with an infidel?
 {unbelievers don't share the same destiny after death as believers}

16~~And what norm or standard in place {agreement}
has the temple of God with idols?

For you keep on being the temple of the living God . . .
as God has said {Leviticus 26:12},
"I will dwell in them,
and Walk in them;
and I will be their God . . .
and they shall be My people."

once and for all
come out side from among them,
and receive you separation
from the ultimate source
  {of doctrine in your frame and reference}",
said the Lord,
"and do not contact the unclean thing
  {as defined by doctrine resident in your soul}
and I will strongly embrace you
  {on the basis of Grace} 18~~
and will be a Father
  {as a father provides for his family}
to you
- to your advantage -
 and you shall be My sons and daughters
  {functionally in relationship to our Father},"
said the Lord Almighty.


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