I John

Chapter 2
{3 Paragraphs in Chapter 2 - Verses 1-14 - the Divine Dynasphere}
{Verse 1 -Jesus - Defense Attorney in the Courtroom of Heaven}
1~~My dear children
  {John's nonresident congregation},
I keep writing these things to you
in order that you may not sin
  {lose your momentum through sin}.

Nevertheless, if anyone sins,
we continue to have a defense attorney
before the Father . . .
Jesus Christ . . . the righteous.

2~~And He {Jesus}
is the propitiation
  {atoning sacrifice}
for our sins
and not for our sins only
but also for the entire world.

3~~And, by this doctrine,
we know that we have come to know Him
if we continue to keep/execute/obey/fulfill His mandates.

4~~But if anyone says,
"I have come to know Him,"
but does not execute/keep His mandates,
he is a liar
and the truth/doctrine is not in him.

5~~But whoever continues
to keep/execute/obey/fulfill His Word . . .
in this one
  {the believer residing and function in the Divine Dynasphere}
the objective of the love complex from God
has been truly accomplished.

By this
  {momentum from the love from God}
we have come to understand/appreciate
that we are in Him.

6~~Anyone who claims to reside in Him
must also himself so keep Walking
just as He {Jesus Christ} has Walked.
  {in the prototype Divine Dynasphere (DD)}

7~~Beloved, I am not writing
a new mandate to you
but an old one,
which you have possessed
from the beginning.
  {the beginning of the Church Age}

The old mandate is the {doctrinal} message,
which you have heard.

8~~On the other hand,
I have written a new mandate to you
which is true
  {reliable doctrine}
in Him.
  {Christ in the Divine Dynasphere (DD)}

And in you
  {believers residing and functioning in the DD}
because the darkness
  {cosmic 1 and 2}
is passing away
and the true light
  {bible doctrine}
is already shining.

9~~When anyone contends/claims/asserts/maintains
that he is in the light
  {Walking in the Divine Dynasphere}
but hates his fellow believer
  {mental attitude sin}
he is in the darkness
  {out of fellowship until Rebounds}
till now.

10~~He who loves his fellow believer
resides in the light,
and there is no cause for ruin/reason
for stumbling in it.
  {the Divine Dynasphere/Light}

11~~When anyone hates his fellow believer,
he is in the darkness {cosmic system}
and walks in the darkness
and he does not know where he is going
  {life has lost direction},
because the darkness has blinded his eye.
  {blackout of the soul}

{Verses 12-14 New Paragraph - Addressing the Positive believers}
12~~I am writing you, my dear children
  {new believers},
because your sins have been forgiven you . . .
because of His {Jesus Christ} Name/Person.

{Challenge to three categories of POSITIVE believers - Verses 13-14}
13a~~ I am writing you, fathers
  {mature believers},
because you "have known and loved Him with permanent results"
  [hoti ginosko (perfect active indicative)]
Who . . . {was} from the beginning.
  [see also I Corinthians 4:15]

[Note: Ginosko means to know. It is used in the Greek sometimes as an idiom for great intimacy - to really know someone and love him/her anyway! It is used for a very high form of love.]

13b~~I am writing you, young men
  {believers growing to maturity},
because you have overcome the evil one {Satan}.

13c~~I am writing you, infants
  [baby believers positive to doctrine - but immature now]
because you have come to know the Father.

14~~I have written you, fathers
  {mature believers},
because you have come to know Him {Christ} . . .
Who was from the beginning.

I have written to you, young men
  {believers growing to maturity},
because you are powerful
  {residence and function in the Divine Dynasphere}
and the Word of God {bible doctrine}
has continued/remained in you
and you have overcome the evil one.

{Paragraph 2 - Verses 15-19 - Now Addressing the Negative
Believers - the Cosmic System as the deterrent to Growth Momentum in the Divine Dynasphere}
15-16~~Stop loving the world {cosmic system}
or anything in the world!

If anyone keeps loving the world {cosmic system},
the love from the Father
  {impersonal and personal love}
is not in him . . . 16~~
because all that is in the world {cosmic system} -
the lust from the flesh
  {Old Sin Nature} -
the lust from the eyes
  {mentality in the soul} -
and the arrogant pattern of life
  {residence and function in the cosmic system} -
comes not from the Father
but from the world {cosmic system}.

17~~In fact, the world/'cosmic system'
and its lusts will all pass away,
but anyone who executes the will of God
  {self-motivation/positive volition toward God and His Word}
keeps residing forever
  {in a superior resurrected body - rewards in eternity future}.

{Note: RBT says this is NOT an 'eternal security' verse. Instead, this verse indicates there will be at least two different categories of resurrected bodies. A 'lesser' resurrection body for believers who lived in the cosmic system and never advanced in spiritual maturity. The cosmic system 'good' is wood, hay and stubble and burned away so they go into eternity 'naked'. Next a superior resurrection body for those who 'execute the will of God' and live and function primarily in the Divine Dynasphere. The divine good production of gold, silver and precious stones remain with you in eternity. This is probably also connected with the wreaths of righteousness, life, and glory. And, more specifically with the Uniform of Glory - Revelation 2:28 through 3:4.}

{Note: See also Revelation 20:1-3 where the cosmic system's removal is discussed.}

it is the last {favorable} time
  {to use the Divine Dynasphere}
and just as you have heard
that the antichrist will come
  {in the Tribulation};
even now {Church Age}
many antichrists {have come}.

Therefore we have come to realize
that it is the last {favorable} time
  {to advance in the Divine Dynasphere to maturity}.

{An ALERT Verse of Warning - Preparing you for People Testing} 19~~ They separated/'went out' from us
  {quit the study of the Word},
however they were really
NOT part of us.
  {not truly positive and self-motivated}

For if they had been part of us
  {positive to the Word and self-motivated}
- but they were not {2nd class conditional if} -
they would have resided with us.

  {they have reacted to us and separated from us},
in order that they might be exposed . . .
because not all believers are part of us.

{Note: This third sentence in verse 19 is an elliptical negative purpose clause and because of the elliptical portion, you need to insert 'they have reacted and separated from us'.}

{Paragraph 3}
{Verses 20-29: Conflict of the Divine and Cosmic Dynaspheres}
20~~ You
  {In spite of believers defecting to the cosmic system} have an anointing
  {of the Holy Spirit - the indwelling and filling of the Holy Spirit}
from the Holy One
  {Jesus Christ in the prototype DD}
and you have come to know
  {through study of doctrine}
all things {bible doctrine}.

{Perception of Doctrine only possible in the Divine Dynasphere}
21~~I have not written you
because you do not know the doctrine,
but because you have come to know it
and because no lie {pseudos}
is from that doctrine {ek aletheia}.

{Note: John is writing to believers who are positive and cognitive of doctrine but they can not understand what happened to their friends who have faded from doctrine.}

{Note: Pseudos is the word from which we get pseudo. It does mean a lie.}

{Note: Ek and the ablative of Aletheia means 'from doctrine' or from the 'truth'. Bible doctrine as the Word of God is the Truth and there is no lie in what it teaches.}

{Still talking about BELIEVERS Repudiating the Word of God!}
22~~What sort of a person is the liar?
  {the one living in the cosmic system}

No one else but someone who denies that Jesus is the Christ!

This same one is the antichrist -
who repudiates both the Father and the Son.

23~~Anyone who repudiates/denies the Son
also does not have fellowship {social life} with the Father.

When anyone acknowledges the Son,
he also has {social life with} the Father.

24~~As for you
  {positive believer}
what {doctrine} you have heard from the beginning,
it {that doctrine} must keep on residing in you.

If it
  {what doctrine you have heard from the beginning}
has remained in you,
you will also reside in the Son
and in the Father.
  {have social life with the Son AND the Father}

{Live your life in the Light of Eternity}
25~~Likewise, this is the promise . . .
that He Himself . . . has promised us . . . namely eternal life.

26~~ I have written you
these things
  {doctrines, warnings, mandates}
about those who keep trying to seduce you.

27~~Furthermore, as for you,
the anointing {of the Holy Spirit}
which you have received from Him
resides in you.

Furthermore, you do not have need
that anyone be teaching you.

But as His anointing keeps teaching you
concerning the all things {of bible doctrine}
and It {bible doctrine} is true/doctrine
and furthermore, it is not a lie/false,
in fact, as it {doctrine} has taught you . . .
keep residing in It.
  {Divine Dynasphere/'walk by means of the light'}

{Note: All learning of Doctrine must be in the filling of the Holy Spirit. RBT says the 'anyone' refers to false teachers. So the pastor teachers must be filled with the Spirit as they study and when they communicate.}

28~~And now, dear children,
keep residing in It {the Divine Dynasphere}
that if He should appear
- maybe He will, maybe He will not -
  {in their lifetime - imminence of the rapture of the Church}
we might have confidence
and might not be put to shame by Him
  {at the Judgement Seat of Christ}
'at His coming'/'in His presence'.

29~~If you know
that He is righteous/honorable . . .
you also should know that everyone
who performs that righteousness
  {momentum inside the DD}
has been born from Him.


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